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Brazil begins to present the first indicators of the re-heating of its economy with expansion of 1% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the period from January to March this year.


The official inflation forecast, as measured by the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA-15), reached 0,16% in the first half of June 2017, the lowest rate for the month since 2006, when it stood at -0,15%. In the year, the indicator accumulated a high of 1,62%, well below the 4,62% relative to the first half of the previous year.


According to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), this result (1,62%) is the lowest for the first half since 1994, when the Real Plan began (economic plan to contain high inflation rates).


Already in the accumulated of the last 12 months, the rate reaches 3,52% - the lowest for June since 2007, when it was 3,44%.


Therefore, in view of future prospects, there is an expectation of Brazilian Motor Homes manufacturers to reach 17,5% growth in 2017.


It is one of the segments of the automotive market in full expansion, since it has a target audience of high power purchasing.


There are models in the Brazilian market with prices ranging from R$ 250.000,00 to R$ 750.000,00 - however, in special cases and upon request, they can exceed R$ 1 million per unit.


Depending on the type of chassis and the assembly, Motor Homes in Brazil are found of R$ 150.000,00 and the adapted ones of the Trailers of R$ 50.000,00 up to R$ 75.000,00.


These vehicles are produced in a personalized way and to the taste of the customer; almost artisanal; with some degree of sophistication; and much comfort.

However, despite the projected 17,5% growth for this year, many reasons prevent the expansion of the businesses of Motor Homes manufacturers in our country, of which: credit lines & financing; expressive improvements in the roads; improvement and adaptation of fuel station networks; high insurance, licensing and maintenance costs; specialized campsites. We must highlight what the Brazilian Traffic Code provides, which leaves doubts in the category of the National driver's license. The technological innovation in the production processes of these vehicles, even if manufactured in a personalized way, worries the businessmen of the area.


It is estimated that 5% of the economically active Brazilian population own Motors Homes or have heard about these vehicles because they are interested in buying them in the medium and short term.


The number of Brazilians who experience the experience of traveling in a Motor Home in the United States and Canada increases 20% per year. The same is true in Europe through agencies.


It is evidenced that there is a significant internal demand in Brazil, since these vehicles combine "house & car" for tourism, lazer and entertainment trips of the whole family - have room, kitchen, toilet, air conditioning, television, among others aspects of comfort and infrastructure. They are better known as RV (Recreational Vehicle) overseas.


Therefore, the EMHS BRAZIL 2017 (Expo Motor Home Show) will be held from November 24 to 26, with the FENAC Pavilion in Novo Hamburgo (RS) - the region concentrates most of the manufacturers of these vehicles in Brazil - will be extremely important for the dissemination of caravanning and camping, in addition to the various segments of the automotive and transport sectors in general.


The event has the support of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) Government through the Secretariats of Transports and Economic Development, Science and Technology; besides the Brazilian Association of Traffic Engineering Companies; Camping Club of Brazil; and the Brazilian Association of Campers.


The official collaborations of ANFIR (National Association of Road Implements Manufacturers) and ABDER (Brazilian Association of State Departments of Roads) are practically all right.


In 2016, EMHS BRAZIL brought together 60 exhibitors, 6.300 visitors and 200 Motor Homes at EXPOCAMPING - one of the parallel & integrated initiatives - as well as hundreds of participants in lectures and workshops.


According to the president of the event, Alexandre Boff - deep expert of caravanning and camping in Brazil - there will be growth in the number of booth  and in the exhibition area, since the site has 30.000 m² and more than 2.000 parking spaces -  the only South American Convention Center that has Subway and Bus Station next to the pavilions.


In parallel, in an integrated way, in addition to the traditional EXPOCAMPING (equipment, products and services for camping), will take place the 1st. Americas Meeting of Motor Homes Users.


Due to the visitors profile and qualification, notably entrepreneurs and professionals from various branches of activity, a significant volume of business and sales is expected over the three days.


In the link below, some photos from last year's event:


At the moment, for the media and advertising plan of 2017, there are already right ad placements, banners, spots and exclusive journalistic materials in MOTOR SHOW Magazine - one of the most respected in the automotive sector in our country and with a circulation of 50.000 copies monthly - and in GRUPO PAMPA - a television station with the programming of RedeTV (3rd largest Brazilian communication network); 15 radio stations covering the entire southern region of the country; newspaper of great circulation (printed and electronic versions). Soon, we will close new negotiations with newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, thus guaranteeing the wide dissemination of our event.


Therefore, since there will be no time for your company to participate as an exhibitor (booth), we would like to invite you to be one of the official sponsors of EMHS BRAZIL 2017 with an investment of R$ 50.000,00 (US$ = R$ 3,3384 ) and, in return, we offer several benefits and several advantages, such as:


Logo placement: main page of the site; posts and insertions in networks & social media; accreditation banners; advertisements in specialized publications and radio & television; promotional pieces (poster, brochure, etc.); parking license plates; banners of the food court; official map (entry); accreditation boards; press kit; access portico; electronic folders; printed and electronic newsletters; exhibitors badge; multimedia points; auditorium banners; boards of support rooms; banners of the entrance of the pavilion; visitors tote bag; official guide; invitation of visitation; restaurant table prisms; internal signage boards; pre-disclosure banners; besides the register of visitors with names, addresses, e-mails, etc..


From the users of Motor Homes who will be visiting our event, there is interest in different items, in addition to these vehicles themselves, such as: mobile telephony; auto parts and spare parts; heating, ventilation and cooling; furniture and utensils; mobile pay TV; electronic security; internet access; pre-prepared and frozen foods; insurance and maintenance; beverages in general; camping goods; tires and wheels; gas stations to spend the night and rest; technological innovations for vehicles; specialized campsites; among other aspects, depending on comfort and infrastructure.


It will be an excellent opportunity to highlight the brand of your company together with qualified public and potential business & sales.


However, we need a response with the utmost urgency because we are already carrying out some of the marketing and promotion actions.


Despite social and political problems, we are still an emerging nation with great business potential.


Thus, we hope to meet you at EMHS BRAZIL 2017 from November 24 to 26.



EMHS BRAZIL  -  Expo Motor Home Show

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The Biggest Motor Homes Event in South America


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